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Course Catalog

Course Catalog, Credit Breakdown, and Course Syllabi

220 Total Credits to Graduate

Course syllabi are available to view for all TEACHER DIRECTED classes. 

(All syllabi aren't Accessible at the moment. Print Only)

Core Classes (TEACHER DIRECTED): ALL of these classes, a requirement of 135 credits, must be taken and passed to graduate.

English 1 (Syllabus Soon)
10 credits
U.S. History
10 credits
English 2
10 credits
World History
10 credits
English 3
10 credits
American Government
5 credits
*Math (See below for further details)
10 credits
5 credits
Algebra I
10 credits
Creative Art/Foreign Language/CTE
(Syllabus Soon)
10 credits
Life Science
10 credits
5 credits
Physical Science
10 credits
Physical Education
20 credits

Total Core Credits to Earn = 135

*Math Options (Some are ONLINE ONLY)

10 credits
Consumer Math
10 credits
Geometry (Odysseyware/Edgenuity) 10 creditsAlgebra II (Odysseyware/Edgenuity)
10 credits
Trigonometry (Odysseyware/Edgenuity)
10 creditsPre-Calculus (Odysseyware/Edgenuity)
10 credits

Elective Classes (TEACHER DIRECTED): ANY of these classes, a requirement of 85 credits, can be taken and combined with extra core classes outside the 135 credits, to graduate.

In-Class Electives

Career Exploration
10 credits
Consumer Math
10 credits
Creative Writing
10 credits
Criminal Justice
10 credits
Culinary Arts
10 credits
Life Skills (Adulting 101)
10 credits
Mixed Media
10 credits
Psychology and Abnormal Psychology
10 credits
10 credits
Other Electives TBD

Elective Classes (ONLINE ONLY): To take an online course through Odysseyware and/or Edgenuity, please consult your homeroom teacher who will fill out the Online Credit Request Form. Keep in mind that students who wish to accelerate must consult with administration and receive approval.

Odysseyware Electives

Art History
10 credits
Business Computer Information Systems10 credits
10 credits
Computer Science Principles10 credits
Digital Literacy
10 credits
Environmental Science10 credits
Essentials of Business10 creditsEssentials of Communication10 credits
French I and II20 credits (10 credits per course) Health Education5 credits
Introduction to Computer Science10 creditsMedia Studies10 credits
Music Appreciation10 creditsMusic Theory10 credits
Personal and Family Living10 creditsPersonal Financial Literacy10 credits
Probability and Statistics A and B20 credits (10 credits per course)
Spanish I, II, and III30 credits (10 credits per course) 
Technology and Research10 creditsTrigonometry10 credits
Twentieth Century American History10 creditsVietnam Era10 credits
World Geography10 credits

Edgenuity Electives

Art History10 creditsChinese I and II20 credits (10 credits per course)
Contemporary Health5 creditsFoundations of Personal Wellness10 credits
French I, II, and III30 credits (10 credits per course)German I and II20 credits (10 credits per course)
Health Science and Medical Technology10 creditsHealth Science Concepts10 credits
Information and Communication Technology10 creditsIntroduction to Business10 credits
Latin I and II20 credits (10 credits per course)Medial Terminology10 credits
Nursing Assistant10 creditsPersonal Finance10 credits
Pharmacy Technician10 creditsPsychology10 credits
Sociology10 creditsSpanish I, II, and III30 credits (10 credits per course)
Strategies for Academic Success
10 credits

Total Elective Credits to Earn = 85

Total Core Credits to Earn
Total Elective Credits to Earn
+ 85
Total Credits to Graduate
= 220