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We are a seat based program that offers multiple options for your student to meet their learning goals. As an alternative school, we are able to offer many possibilities for your student to succeed.

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Power Shut Off, Homework Due, and Words of Encouragement

Hello CCP Students and Families,

Many of our families are without power; this will make turning in assignments that are due today difficult. First of all, be safe and second...we understand that lost power puts you at a disadvantage. Do not worry about late work counting against you...it won't. In addition, some of the outages may extend throughout the week. All of our teachers are aware of the situation and will be working with you to get caught up. Do not hesitate to reach out to either me or Assistant Principal Forsman if you need additional information.

Maria Osborne, Principal                      530-295-2286         mosborne@edcoe.org
Erik Forsman, Assistant Principal         530-295-2281         eforsman@edcoe.org

Potential-Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

Good Evening CCP Families,

I have been monitoring the PG&E website and our school is currently in the ‘watch’ list for a PSPS. Most importantly, be safe!

If the power to our region is shutoff, teachers who live in our area will not be able to ZOOM. Students need not be worried about late assignments...we will make adjustments to be sure all students have the opportunity to complete work.

Many of you have already scheduled your student to return on our expanded hybrid model and we are so excited to be able to hold  in-person teacher/student time beginning September 14th. Administration will continue to reach out to families for whom we have left messages. If you want to call me, my direct line is 530-295-2286 or you can send me an email mosborne@edcoe.org.

Be safe and well....thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time.

Maria Osborne
Principal, College and Career Prep

Principal's message - Ready to Move into the Next Phase!

Hello Charter College and Career Prep Students and Families,

Entering the next phase of our hybrid learning model…
We are excited to be able to move into our next phase of the hybrid learning model which includes on-campus times for your students. We will be reaching out to parents and students by phone so we can schedule students into learning cohorts. This model will begin on Monday September 14, 2020 and will continue through October 31, 2020. During this next phase, we will consistently reassess conditions within our county.

What considerations determined this next phase?
Throughout the summer we have worked in close collaboration with our county Public Health Office to develop comprehensive plans and protocols to ensure that our instructional programs can open safely.

  • El Dorado County is not on the State monitoring list and is not currently at risk of being added.
  • Our County is currently showing a decrease in new COVID-19 cases.
  • The capacity for testing has increased and allows for responsive testing.

The learning cohort model is as follows:

  • Each student will be on campus twice per week in a learning cohort of no more than 5 students per classroom.
  • Students and parents will have a choice of the following:
    • Monday & Wednesday 8:30-10:30  OR  12:30-2:30
    • Tuesday & Thursday     8:30-10:30  OR  12:30-2:30

Health and Safety…
We will follow the appropriate safety protocols set forth by the Public Health Office. Learning in a safe and healthy environment is a top priority. Some protocols are as follows: daily temperature checks, mandatory masks at all times, social distancing. All students will receive training the first week of class to ensure they understand the necessity of the protocols and the procedures we must all follow.

If you have questions…
If you would like to reach out to administration prior to us reaching you, don’t hesitate to call. We appreciate your patience in this unprecedented time.

Principal Maria Osborne                 mosborne@edcoe.org        530-295-2286
Assistant Principal Erik Forsman    eforsman@edcoe.org         530-295-2281

Our goal is to reach all families by Friday September 5, 2020.