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Welcome to Charter College and Career Prep

We are a seat based program that offers multiple options for your student to meet their learning goals. As an alternative school, we are able to offer many possibilities for your student to succeed.


Hello Charter College and Career Prep Students and Families,

This is a reminder that you and your student have an upcoming meeting this week for the Distance Learning Orientation. If you do not remember the time of the meeting, please reach out to Senior Secretary Amanda Stanford at 530-295-2259 or astanford@edcoe.org.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Arrive a few minutes early so we can give you and your student your folders and direct you to the appropriate classroom.
  • Appointments have been strategically scheduled to minimize contact with others. 
  • All individuals must wear a mask at all times: if you do not have one, we will supply one for you.
  • Only one student and one parent are permitted in the assigned classroom.
  • Avoid bringing other people with you. 
  • Be sure to download the Parent Square app if you have not done so already. Here is the link: https://www.parentsquare.com/. Once you download the app, you will be asked to enter your email address…it will then direct you to our school site. Parent Square messages will be sent weekly…stay informed!

At CCP, we appreciate your partnership and teamwork as we work together for your student’s success. See you soon!

Maria Osborne, Principal

The 2020-2021 School Year Is Here!

At Charter College and Career Prep, we are prepared and ready for the upcoming school year. Although we are in a distance learning model due to COVID-19, we have implemented multiple supports for you to be informed and your student to be successful. We are currently accepting new enrollments. If you would like to speak to an administrator, please contact Senior Secretary Amanda Stanford: 530-295-2259 or astanford@edcoe.org.

The school year is about to begin - here is what you need to know!

Hello CCP Students and Families - The 2020 - 2021 School Year is Here!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we developed our plan for a safe and healthy start of the school year! Beginning on August 12, 2020 and through September 25, 2020 Charter College and Career Prep will be utilizing a Distance Learning model. During that time period, the County Health Department and El Dorado County Office of Education, working closely together, will consider modifications to that plan if needed.

Supporting Students and Families 
Beginning August 3, 2020, Principal Maria Osborne and Assistant Principal Erik Forsman will be reaching out to each family by phone. Each student, accompanied by a parent, will be scheduled to meet for one hour with a teacher on August 12th, 13th, or 14th. During the meeting, teachers will address the following:

  • Grading criteria, student workload, and how to access grades through the Aeries parent portal.
  • Each student will receive a Student Folder with an Individualized Learning Plan which includes:
  • Chromebook and Google Classroom – All students will accept Google Classroom invitations from their teachers for each class before they leave campus.
  • Chromebook Use Contract (If you need a Chromebook, we have one for you. If you need internet access, we have some Verizon Hotspots available.
  • Class Schedule
  • Chromebook Password – printed on the student folder
  • Current transcript with a Graduation Status report attached
  • School Year Calendar including Quarter beginning and end dates
  • List of all teachers and contact information including the main office and community services
  • During the meeting, parents will complete the registration information and have the opportunity to ask questions.


What Can Students and Families Expect During the Distance Learning Period?

  • We are here for you….
  • Teachers are available every day during normal school hours via email, phone and Zoom. Each teacher will schedule 2 hours per day for drop-in Zoom meetings. This schedule will be in the student folder. Parents are welcome to attend Zoom meetings.
  • The main office can be reached at 530-295-2259. If you need to stop by, please call Amanda Stanford first, in order to schedule an appointment. Administration is available every day. 
  • Students and parents can call directly into each teacher’s classroom. 
  • All teachers will utilize common grading criteria, student workload, and assignment due dates. 
  • Grades will be posted every Friday by 5:00pm.
  • Our Distance Learning platform is Google Classroom, Zoom, SeeSaw, Screencastify, and Google Classroom Meet for smaller classes. Teachers will work through the first few weeks to familiarize students with the Distance Learning platform.
  • In the weeks prior to the September 25th projected end date for the Distance Learning model, we will provide updated information so you can be prepared for what it will look like on Monday September 28, 2020.


Health and Safety Protocols While On Campus

  • Please be on time for your scheduled meeting. We have scheduled these appointments so there is adequate time to sanitize before the next appointment. 
  • Masks are required at all times. If a face shield is used, it must have a neck guard.
  • When entering and exiting any building, use the touch free hand sanitizer.
  • Always maintain at least 6 feet social distance from others.
  • Teachers and staff will follow recommended sanitizing protocols before, during, and after classroom meetings. Thank you for your cooperation in following directions and guidelines.


If I Need Information or Help, Who can I Call?
Senior Secretary Amanda Stanford   |     530-295-2259    |    astanford@edcoe.org
Assistant Principal Erik Forsman       |      530-295-2281    |    eforsman@edcoe.org
Principal Maria Osborne                     |      530-295-2286    |   mosborne@edcoe.org