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Charter College and Career Prep students experience personal success in an environment which values their individuality and prioritizes compassion, empathy, and integrity in order for them to act on their beliefs with understanding and courage, so they may enrich the communities in which they live.

Program Overview

Our program provides up to 6 classes per quarter. Students earn 2.5 credits per class per quarter, which enables students to earn up to 60 credits per year. Student schedules focus on one of the following: graduation track, acceleration, and/or credit recovery.

Upon enrollment, students will meet with administration to determine the best path to meet their academic goals and career plans.

Standardized Testing

As a public school we are required to administer annual state standardized testing. Testing typically occurs in the Spring; notification will be sent to parents and students at that time.

NWEA Assessment (Northwestern Evaluation Association)

We use NWEA to assess and monitor student progress in the areas of Math and English Language Arts.

Dual Enrollment

Folsom Lake College (El Dorado Extension), geographically located next to our campus, provides an ideal partnership with Folsom Lake College’s Dual Enrollment Program. Through this partnership, students may enroll in courses at the college and receive high school credits and college credits at the same time.

For more information on Dual Enrollment:

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