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Credit Recovery and Acceleration

At Charter College and Career Prep, it is our mission to assist students in receiving an education that best fits their needs. Sometimes, those needs involve catching up on credits, or credit recovery.  Many times, this may be all that is needed for a student to return to their local high school, if so desired. 

Then there are some students that want to accelerate their education with the aspiration of graduating early, and/or for the love of learning. In this case, Charter College and Career Prep can offer online credit acceleration courses to students. Administration must approve all online credit acceleration courses.

Charter College and Career Prep utilizes several educational tools to allow students to recover or accelerate credits while still maintaining a full course load. Google Classroom courses custom designed by our teachers allow students to work virtually during their free time in class, and at their leisure from home to recover credits. If a student wishes to accelerate, then Edgenuity and Odysseyware are online programs that offer many courses for students to master for additional credits.

Go ahead and check them out here:

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