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We offer a full-day academic program where students can successfully earn a middle and high school diploma following California State Standards through engaging and rigorous curriculum. We offer a variety of hands-on electives to engage student imaginations. Among our priorities is to develop college and work-ready skills, as well as provide advanced educational opportunities that broaden options to succeed in the 21st century.

Career Day Presents Possibilities for Students

At El Dorado County Office of Education’s (EDCOE) Charter College and Career Prep School (CCP), 14 high school students participated in a unique career day at Ken Lowry Preschool Center to learn about employment options in the child development industry. Students toured classrooms, playgrounds, received information about employment opportunities, and asked questions. Student Mia Hooper stated, “I’ve always been interested in a career working with children, and the close proximity to Folsom Lake College presents an opportunity for employment at the preschool and taking college classes at the same time.”

CCP Principal Maria Osborne provided each student information about the Human Services degree program available at Folsom Lake College, which includes early childhood education. Several of the student participants are currently enrolled to begin coursework in January 2020. A question and answer session provided valuable information on the varied positions within the preschool setting ranging from teacher assistants, teachers, supervisors, food services, and more. Students were excited to discover that they would be ideal candidates for available positions after high school graduation.

The program was sponsored by the Innovative Pathways to Public Service (IPPS), which is a cross-sector collaborative of organizations focused on youth and workforce development. November was ‘Careers in Public Service’ month to increase the awareness about public sector career opportunities to the workforce of tomorrow. The month-long program showcased professions in industries throughout the greater Sacramento area, including healthcare, cities, counties, special districts, and state government.

EDCOE team members look forward to the possibility of continuing these innovative experiences. Melissa Kistler, EDCOE Director of District and Program Support said, “Students who were part of this experience chose to participate in and learn about jobs in early childhood education because they are truly interested in it as a potential career and they can see the pathway to get them to their goal. They can see that it is doable, and they have a team of people around them here at EDCOE who can help them achieve their goals. We hope to increase participation with IPPS around the county so that more students can experience these incredible learning opportunities around careers in the public sector.”  

For more information about EDCOE Charter Alternative Programs, visit https://charter.edcoe.org/

October 14 – 18 is Wellness Week


Dear Parents and Guardians of Charter College and Career Prep Students,

The El Dorado County Youth Commission is a group of dedicated High School students from throughout the county, appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and County Office of Education, to represent the voice of local youth. The website is YChealth.org.

The Youth Commission has created a website to support students with resources about mental health and wellness. The Commission also supports that good mental health is as much about each student’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state as it is about their physical condition.

Self-Wellness Week is a student-driven awareness campaign to help create a community culture where students can and are comfortable with reaching out for support to connect with a peer, trusted adult, or professional when feeling overwhelmed. You may see blue and green bracelets being worn by our students as a reminder that embracing wellness is a strength of character. It is our hope this is a signal to others to be part of a healthy community. Thank you for all you do for our students and school community. Be well!

Take a look at their website and view the short video, featuring several of our high school students.


Fall 2019 Stakeholder Survey

Dear Parents, Students, Staff, and Community Members:

Charter Alternative Programs is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience that prepares students for the future. We depend on your feedback to continue to improve our services. Please assist us by taking our Fall 2019 Stakeholder Survey using the link or QR code below.  It takes less than 5 minutes to answer all 14 questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

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We accept student enrollment throughout the school year. The process is easy. We first meet with you to discuss how our program functions. Then, if you decide that this is the program for you, complete the enrollment paperwork, and we will assess your student in order to place them in the best classes for success. To schedule an appointment, please call Amanda Stanford at (530) 295-2434.